We conduct researches of markets and investments. As a direct result of our physical presence in target markets, we are able to perform not only secondary research (previous studies, academic researches, financial reports, governmental statistics, etc.) but also primary research (contacting and interviewing the sources directly) which undoubtedly gives a better understanding and significantly stronger research outcome.

Market Research: the aim is to understand the target market, identify potential customers and be able to develop a business strategy.

We work on:

  • Composing a market profile, identifying main actors, pricing and trends
  • Interviewing trade associations, attending relevant events
  • Compiling a database of specific companies
  • Establishing a logistic chain analysing commercialisation channels (importers, agents, distributors, brokers, final clients, etc.)
  • Developing commercial strategies, pricing policies and a guide for introducing the products/services in the market

Investment Research: the main objective is to identify potential investors interested in investing in your business allowing you to grow and giving supports to develop your business successfully. On the other hand, if you are the investor, we track companies where you could invest to increase your portfolio of internationally diversified business.

Our services are categorised in four areas:
Research, Development, Commercial and Representation.