We provide offshore office services which mean you save time and money, since you start getting the benefits of an experienced team straight away. We can start up, develop and strengthen your business overseas efficiently; we are able to perform as your key contact point or commercial office in the target market. You can forget about operational, cultural, legal, and exchange rate issues. You will receive all the benefits of being located in the target market and simplify all administrative concerns with one fixed-price invoice in your local currency.


Strategos can represent your business overseas. Presently, many organisations have a project approach when it comes to developing international businesses; however this requires a significant investment in an increasingly risky environment. Our service allows you to develop your business under a staged investment plan where risks are known and consequently better controlled.

We act as a development agent supporting you in this enterprise through our hard work, extensive experience and global network.

Our services are categorised in four areas:
Research, Development, Commercial and Representation.