Our pricing system is specifically design to mirror your needs; fundamentally, you pay only for what you use, in your local currency and the total cost is determined in advance, with no hidden or extra costs.

The final cost within a particular range depends on factors such as the setting up processes, travelling involved, team size required, etc.

Package Price Period
1 Day Service £350 – £950
1 Week Service £550 – £3,500
1 Month Contract £1,450 – £12,000
6 Month Contract £1,250 – £10,000 PCM
12 Month Contract £1,000 – £8,500 PCM
18 Month Contract £850 – £7,000 PCM
24 Month Contract £650 – £5,500 PCM

Our pricing structure gives you control and freedom to exactly match your budget with your needs. For example, if a shipment discrepancy arisen with a client, we visit the site acting as a surveyor, saving you time and money. This is a 1 day service. If you have a strictly seasonal product, we work alongside with you during periods of high yield and when the season ends you stop paying until the next season begins. On the other hand, if you want to consolidate your business, optimise operations or gain market share, a long term contract provides you the best value for money.